STREETWISE CLOTHING COstreet-wise adj (strēt-wyz) possessing the skills necessary to survive in an often violent urban environment. 

South Central L.A. gang capital of the world. There aren't many options growing up in this tough environment, despite the lack of opportunity some refuse to settle, and manage to rise above it.

Streetwise, founded in 2003 by Manny Rivera an innovative graffiti writer who played a major role in establishing one of L.A.'s top graffiti crews. Manny was later introduced to hustlin' where money came fast, but deep inside he knew he had too much talent to end up as a statistic; he stopped and his pursuit for knowledge began. He read endless books on how to get rich, where he discovered the recipe for success and began to apply it. He wrote a plan to create a successful clothing brand which would inspire and motivate those who come from the struggle.

In 2004 Manny went into a partnership with Edgar Carrillo, who has extensive knowledge in the garment industry & business administration. They persistently followed the plan and never looked back. Nothing worthwhile happens over night, but if you believe in yourself, become passionate about a dream, create a plan, surround yourself with great people and persistently go after that dream, there's absolutely nothing you can't achieve!

Streetwise is a clothing brand dedicated to those who come from the struggle and are determined to succeed by any means necessary. From the streets of L.A. to the concrete jungles of world.